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Dual Fluid Reactor

A new nuclear reactor concept

The Dual Fluid Reactor, DFR, is a novel nuclear reactor concept based on the Generation IV Molten-Salt Reactor (MSR) concept and the liquid-metal cooled reactors (SFR, LFR) with the major improvement that the molten-salt fuel is not used as coolant but the heat is removed in a separate liquid-lead loop.

The DFR has been invented by members of the Institute for Solid State Nuclear Physics (Institut für Festkörper-Kernphysik, IFK) and an associate member. A patent is pending and the IFK is currently seeking public and private funding.

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How the DFR works

Historical developments that lead to the DFR concept are described, technical details of the DFR as well as possibilities of nuclear produced chemical fuels.

Economic prospects of the DFR

The DFR uses the nuclear fuel extremely efficient. This treatise shows resulting production costs for electricity, synthetic fuels, and DFR-aided fuel production.

Development steps

How could the DFR be developed, what steps are necessary and how far is such a system scalable?

Environmental aspects of the DFR

Every technology has an impact on the environment but the impact decreases with the power density. How do the different technologies compare?

Frequently asked questions

Any open questions? They might be answered here.

Properties of the Dual Fluid Reactor